About Rent a Thief

A game built by the community, for the community, being developed by Firecast Studio to connect people around the world.
RaT (Rent a Thief) is a cartoonish action-sabotage game in which animal thieves infiltrate heavily guarded mansions and museums to steal the most precious artifacts.
Collect objects through the scenery, set traps for your rivals, rob them, and show them who is the master. After all, there can only be one contract king!
Originally envisioned in 2016, RaT had its idea taken up and approved at Startup Rio in 2020, a training and acceleration program for digital entrepreneurs in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
RaT is a Free to play / Play to Own game that uses blockchain technology to give ownership of items and characters to players through NFTs. This allows players to trade, sell or donate what they have earned in the games to other members of the community and collectors of NFTs around the world.
Last modified 10mo ago